1183 Gates Avenue

This incredibly modern Gates Avenue building is a marvel for families who want to live in a safe neighborhood. It has very spacious rooms with extremely generous closet space. Rather than an apartment building, it is more of a home for those who want that extra touch of long-term comfort. Walk into one of the largest living rooms and an even more spacious basement, with a management team who go the extra mile like no other.

For more sophistication, the bathroom is fitted with our Urbania Vanity for the perfect drawer for your sink. This integrated storage is state of the art drawer space ready for easy wall or leg mounting. The curved wooden design provides easy access and decorative addition to any space along with our Frameport Standard Sink, designed with high gloss lacquer. Some bathrooms may also have our Rubik Vanity mount and cabinet for simplicity. These are paired with our Urbania mirror to provide a powder room experience with natural trimmed wood for its rustic vibe. It has a smudge-resistant finish made for enhanced durability. The OE12W toilet seat with a ceramic elongated bowl and soft closing seat provides comfort with a sustainable double flushing system. For the perfect tub, the Drop-in and Alcove provide the best centerpiece to any bathroom. It has a comfortable backrest with an efficient dry cycle.

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Anna R. YossiG Design Group
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