February 20th 2019


Why minimalism is replacing detail.

Welcome to the new Fine Fixtures: A luxury web experience that involves all of our new releases and other products that have been gracing bath and powder rooms across the globe for –. While we’ve placed great emphasis on the details of your online browsing, we’re noticing that details are, well….disappearing when it comes to the vanity furniture and hardware elements.

Eliminating the clutter has become quite the phenomenon in terms of furniture designs and we’ve carried that tradition, or shall we say modernity, into all shapes and forms that define our vanity cabinets.

Some of our disappearing details:


  1. No more legs: the all cube effect.

  1. Back to the basics: the barnyard effect.


  1. Hands free geometry: touch cabinets minus the handlebars.


  • The art of less.
    ‘Less is more’ is more than just a cliche statement that has gathered dust and taken to the archives. In fact, less is coming back in a world where minimalist is the new iconic and black is back in its full glory. Representing monotone, raw, and clean, the bare bones of modern art include perfect edges, excellent space components and excessive light and dark extremes. You’ll no longer find intricate detail or pillar shaped legs. Instead, explore the web for some awesome design inspirations featured in collections such as Urbania, Shaker, and our newest, Shawbridge.


  • The stress on stress free.
    Designs play a major role on lifestyles and our products have been inspiring living spaces for nearly a decade. Whether you seek to recreate the spa at home or impart a fluid form of design as an oasis of sorts, bathrooms are quickly becoming areas of meditative and holistic art infusions. In today’s fast paced society, we’re proud of being a part of the design inspirations that focus on zen zones.


  • The importance of layering.
    Wrapped in design layers that embody the entire scope of a room, it’s important to get a grip on spatial design. Dropping furniture pieces into a room will not create an experience. It will simply create a function. By layering structural pieces with storage and accent pieces, a room takes form via decorative combinations. Keep tabs on what’s important in your room and make note of preferences when working with a contractual designer. Bear in mind that while some vanity collections feature hideaway space compartments, others require additional shelving that may be built into the wallspace for maximum usability.


  • The ratio of space.
    Know the measurements and do take the time to plan. Space planning allows you to calculate the maximum pieces you can start with, without using up all the available square footage. Some collections feature additional drawer units, such as Shawbridge, while others have space saving options, as shown in the Petite or Glenwood collections.


While architectural details are gone, they’ve been replaced with ‘attention to detail’, thus being more in tune with the functional needs of a bath or powder room. From technology to usability, at Fine Fixtures we have the purest intentions and the most innovative forms of design.

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