July 03rd 2019


Coolest tubs shaped like the islands you want to visit.

Step inside our web experience and it’s like you’ve entered quite a travel plan mode. After all, soaking in a tub should feel like soaking in the Bali morning sun, having a margarita on the rocks.

What’s in a tub?

Our clients know they want to customize their sprawling bathroom spaces and it starts with the perfect tub. While a standing shower is a priority for some, the tub sets the tone for a great many of our designers and private clients. While clawfoot has its trending glam, freestanding tubs are popular and available in a wide variety of silhouettes to match, both the bathroom and your preferences.


Why not fly Fine Fixtures?

With our stewards at the ready to provide a seamless experience, Fine Fixtures has become known for our higher standards in product quality and customer care.

With a service factor that has clients clamoring for more, we want you on board our coveted airline as we take you to new levels in what you’ve come to expect from our team.

Freestanding at its best.

Check out Fine Fixtures online for freestanding tubs that offer variety, quality and amazing options to peruse on the web.

  Capsule takes you within a virtual time capsule where you can spend hours of well deserved R and R in the comfort of home.
We even have Sanctuary, the chicest of tubs that elegantly stands aboveground and gives you your own little abode to while away on a summer day.
Not to be a killjoy, Storm encapsulates the tree lined promenade, the design choice for those who prefer thrill when on vacay.
Our personal favorite spot is in a foamy bath of Bisque, with gentle curvature that is as sloping as an island hideaway and as holistic as its design proportions.
Hop on over to Aviary, which is perfection in a tub and a seamless display of enamel, with a winged outline.
Destress and get into a yoga position with Zen, the relaxation mode you want to feel when basking in the glow of passion fruit shower gel.
For the city dwellers, there’s always the suave option of Metro, with its moulding grooves that conform to your bathroom and reach your highest expectations.


Ready to plan a staycation anytime soon? Every day can be a holiday when you take a priority soak in one of our premium Fine Fixtures freestanding tubs.

Here’s to the product line that beats Aruba anytime,
with good looks and way better features.



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