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Carolina’s design vision:

"When designing this adaptive reuse project we wanted to stay true to the original feel of the building while creating modern bright living spaces. Using a beautiful white tile pattern as a feature and vanities that create space on the floor give the restrooms a clean open feeling that carries through the entire apartment."

Carolina Escobar
Design Group
307 Grand Street
An ideal fusion

Williamsburg is perhaps the very heartbeat of Brooklyn’s shabby chic movement. With an old meets new design perspective that can be found in the charming boutiques and classic brownstones, some local shops have been around since forever and add quite a bit of personality to the area’s ultra mod hotspots. The team at Studio SC capitalized on that past and present design fusion when recreating the commercial space for 307 Grand Street. One way we’ve accomplished perfectly harmonious design upgrades is by choosing modern furniture accents that have a natural grain which fits right in for a truly art deco room revamp. The Fine Fixture’s Urbania collection was a fast favorite since our very first floor plan draft.

Keeping it clean

While clean lines are a focal point for many projects, at 307 Grand Street it’s been a priority. Effectively upgrading the space, it also allowed the architectural proportions and existing design to remain visible and relevant. Notice the muted whites in the tile and overall bathroom design. We’ve taken a cue from Urbania’s streamlined black accents and jet black hardware to outline the shower doors and draw upon the focal points of each product within.

In a natural light.

While the furniture and bathroom accents play an integral role in the design profiles on location, we’ve turned to another important factor in decor: lighting. Using unique window fenestration on the 3 new residential floors directly above the commercial space, our team has been able to effectively create a truly interesting design flow, both on its interior and exterior. Lighting plays an integral role in the coloration, as well as in the absence of color. When turning to predominantly white backdrops and minimal furniture accents, the right balance of natural light instills an ambience that’s unique, real and comforting.

A dialogue of artistry.

We love when we can maintain the authenticity of an original property structure. Whether it’s a brick wall or original hardwood, merging 2 eras in one design profile creates a depth and a decor story unlike any other. We’re particularly enamoured about having design match the regional profile of a property. When in Williamsburg, you design as in Williamsburg and we’re so glad to have had access to dynamic collections at Fine Fixtures that have enabled us to remain current and maintain the organic feel of the property.

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