925 St Marks Avenue

This large and intriguing apartment block boastfully stands in the center of Crown Heights. It consists of twenty spacious units for the perfect family home. Each contemporary unit is lined with hardwood floors for its sustainable and long-lasting effects. The warm integrated lighting exudes relaxation in every room. Although the building was constructed in 1905, the state-of-the-art interior finishing tells a different story of luxury living.

Each of its extravagant bathrooms is fitted with our White High-gloss Concordia Vanity cabinets. This chic and minimal design has a maximum purpose for all your storage needs. Its artsy vibe is combined with our Concordia White Sink, which offers a classic but functional designed sink for the best hygiene. It has a high gloss finish, and the surface is effortless to wipe clean. Our Concordia Legs provide seamless integration for vanity cabinets. These are made of high-quality satin brass which provides smoothness with a durable grip. The beauty combined with ergonomics makes it the most efficient addition to any home. The Atwood Medicine Cabinet provides a lavish mirror combined with the best storage shelf space. With its semi-resistant chrome finish on the bars for easy access, nothing can go wrong. Paired with our Atwood Vanity high black gloss cabinet, the color and design add more luxury and modernity.

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Bhagwant Walokar Inex interior
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