916 Bergen Street

For a stylish yet comforting home in the vicinity of several public schools, this apartment block is difficult to beat. It is brand-new, constructed in 2018 and stands proudly at 6 floors with twelve spacious apartments in the middle of Crown Heights. Each apartment has three family-sized bedrooms with a luxury bathroom. For those joyful family meals, If you enjoy skyline views during sunset or when all the city lights come alive, most apartments have private balconies, or you can avail the furnished deck on the roof.

Each of the modern master bathrooms is fitted with our Dawn Gray Vdara vanity cabinets. These have a predefined beauty with a sleek metal frame, and four different melamine finishes to bring out its simplistic elegance. It provides meticulous storage with a smooth touch bar and a shiny metal white frame for support. On top rests our Frameport Standard Sink in custom white with a traditional yet sophisticated finish. The MOTB2W Fine Fixtures standard white toilet seat is an elongated piece of interactive design with a dual flush function that efficiently saves water. For the most enviable centerpiece in any bathroom, our Drop In and Alcove high-quality fiberglass tub does not disappoint. Its unique shape was built for comfort like no other. It is entirely scratch-resistant and retains heat to provide all the warmth you could possibly need.

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