21 Fayette Street

This residential block in Williamsburg is in a prime location within the Broadway area. It is a newly renovated building with large sized bedrooms and bathrooms. The spacious living room permits a lot of natural light to brighten up anyone’s day. The sustainable hardwood floors are comfortable and easy to maintain. It is a co-living space with multiple kitchens, common rooms, and an attractive rooftop with top New York views.

The communal bathrooms provide luxury living with our Greenpoint Vanity sink cabinets that are a perfect balance between style and art. The uniform metal strip makes it easy to open the cabinet to store all your toiletries within this generous space. The water-resistant clean finish ensures the durability of the material. It is paired with our Frameport Single Bowl Standard Sink with a functional grip and glossy modern design. It is installed with FAM3 black matte faucet for a sophisticated hygiene experience. Our Rubik Black Mirror radiates simplicity and functionality. With its cylindrical shape and wooden design, it is a true showpiece with the smoothest surface, and is easy to clean. The Drop in and Alcove rectangular tub provides the right amount of comfort and is a must-have centerpiece for any bathroom. The sleek design is crafted with high-quality reinforced fiberglass and acrylic, which provide its glossy shine and long-lasting durability. For winter days, it retains enough heat with rubber rile flange to prevent water from leaking.

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Chaim Horowitz Chaim Horowitz Design
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