1009 Willoughby Avenue

Aside from the sleek and modern exterior of the building 1009 Willoughby Avenue in Bushwick, each apartment also has its own balcony, and large windows to enjoy those picturesque New York sunsets. On the inside, you’ll find that the entire home is covered in hardwood floors, which makes it easier to clean up after pets. The open plan kitchen creates a lot of homeliness while preparing meals. In case you want to go tanning, the building has a shared roof deck where you can also see the skyline at night.

All the bathrooms are fitted with state-of-the-art and elegant products. Instead of a regular wash basin, you’ll have the Vdara Vanity sink, which has a sleek metal frame and is constructed with plywood for its long-lasting and durable effects. The shine alone from this sink will brighten up each morning. Then there’s the Vdara Front Medicine Cabinet with an expert balance of high-quality wood and glass mirror. There are no knobs on the cabinet, which gives it an extra touch of luxury. The drop in and alcove tub has a sophisticated rectangular design which makes it the most unique bathroom centerpiece. Its sleek body is reinforced with modern fiberglass, and it’s also very easy to clean. Each bathroom is also fitted with our fine fixtures toilets with double flush systems, to provide you with the most comfort.

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Avigdor Einhorn Dream Green Design
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