February 20th 2019


Think 80,000 square feet of bathroom furniture all the way in North Carolina.

As an interior designer, chances are traveling to North Carolina isn’t on the agenda. However, we wanted to provide a virtual tour to our newest headquarters.

Featuring an epic warehouse lined with all of our classic and new collections, the location has provided over many jobs to North Carolina’s port city and acts as a distribution facility for thousands of orders shipped on a daily basis.

Innovative tech at Fine Fixtures means there’s always something new at our multiple locations and our next step is to bring it all closer to home. While Fine Fixtures currently maintains a NY based warehouse, we’ve expanded our logistics capacity and local square footage at our new warehouse, which is located at the Cape Fear industrial complex.

At the , the accessibility means less delays for truckers and more global shipping access. David Barnes, co-owner and manager at the firm which owns the Cape Fear Industrial Complex, reiterates the area’s reaction to our move: “We look forward to having Fine Fixtures join us as a corporate resident.” It’s just one of our many ‘housewarming’ comments we received upon the ribbon cutting at the facility.

Loading docks, efficiency, and perfectly lined stockrooms are the results that are thanks to the man behind the management genius.

About David:
The man behind our newest location

David Rosenberg, facility director at the NC location originates from New York’s Long Island area and moved to North Carolina 20 years ago. With over 30 years of warehousing expertise, David joined Fine Fixtures in November of 2018. “I work with the most amazing people and call this my second home. The space is huge, with the design layout making it the perfect place to store the customer favorites at Fine Fixtures. My family includes my wonderful wife, Kathleen, my son[DJ] and daughter[Elizabeth], my 2 beautiful grandchildren [Emile; 5 and Madden, 2], and my extended family at Fine Fixtures”.


View a virtual tour of the facility here. and stay tuned for our upcoming feature about the epic new showroom that’s coming to NYC this Spring.



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  1. Ben S. says:

    Love following your company, amazing leadership and i admire your growth.

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