November 01st 2019

TRICK OR TWEET? The social side of furnishings.

An influencer economy.

Seeking a new home furnishing? Where to? Google, of course. Studies show that 75% of Americans will search products via influencers, as opposed to entering product codes into the search bar. With keywords losing some of their social standing, there’s much buzz about ‘supposed perfection’ in a blogger centric mindset, but how much of it is actually good for the consumer?

The trick or tweet of social shopping.

We’re still in the Halloween frame of mind, so we’ve likened the deception of social media to the candy sharing goodness of the holidays.

The trick: Most bloggers will post what they’re paid money to promote, making much of the claims irrelevant and sponsored. That flawless marble table may just be a very large gift with an agenda.

The tweet: Start ups and specialty shops now have instant access to social media to promote products. A platform of visuals and references, social apps are a great way to share so much inspiration, talent and available goods.

The treat: Bloggers make the shopping search fun and super visual, showing you a perfect demo of what you’re aiming to buy. Seeing a product in the right setting plays a large role in the decision making process.

Creating moments.

While we sell products everyday, it’s the passion behind the product and that passion starts right here, at Fine Fixtures headquarters, where our designers and in house engineering team sketch the products, source the finishes and meet with production teams to keep things in stock and on hand. Working hand in hand, we are a group of people who love what we do as much as we love changing lives for the better. With that in mind, we encourage global social platforms that give our products the life and style that they’ve been designed for. Aesthetics are part of the fabric that makes Fine Fixtures so great and we believe seeing those details come to life in homes across the world makes people happy.

Make it your own.

It’s wonderful to be inspired by online design combinations, but there’s something gratifying about completing a new room or adding a brand new accent. Welcoming new Fine Fixtures products to your home, it’s always about creating your very own experience via products that shape the way you live

It’s a commitment we make with every box we ship.

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