July 06th 2020


While you’ve been staying safe, we’ve been bringing the outdoors in.

It’s been a whirlwind few months and with many Americans returning to work, we’re pleased to share an explosion of color in the form of our new Venezia collection.

The psychology of color goes way back. While clean whites and jet blacks are some of our iconic product themes, spring inspired our launch of greener pastures within your bathroom nooks.

Green is in.

Bring it in, too. With decorators and influencers choosing bold green to accentuate key design elements. A dominant color with a feel-good identity, green invokes a fresh vibe, while going decidedly bold. Derived from the plant based, deeply pigmented forest palette, Venezia is leading the way with bright design ideas.

Working with color.

Color is a revolution impacting more than just your bathroom. With previous design works highlighting minimal furniture, the talk was always about ‘incorporating green’ for a pop of color and culture. Plants, most recently, succulents, and other forms of nature were seen gracing the tops of vanities in catalogs, showrooms and posh powder rooms. We’re working with color in the reverse: with the leafy greens as the primary bathroom shade. Stick to clean reed diffusers and earthenware for decor accents.

The eco-friendly color.

Green is an energy efficient icon, with greener, cleaner processes influencing the next generation of construction and design. The color of energy saving, natural and holistic, our Venezian series is the bold new addition designers are waiting for.

We hope you’ll get to spend your summer season in the company of friends, family and  luscious green fields. You can always count on us to invite the freshness of summer to your next redesign stint.

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