May 01st 2019

Vibrant shades to make you think spring.

With trendy pieces making waves (pun intended), we’ve decided to play up the ocean factor in a most beautiful collection of coastal blue pieces. It’s just one of the ways in which Fine Fixtures’ design teams adapt innovation to transitional room designs.

Transitional vs. modern.

Modern may be all the rage, but with trends changing faster than one can keep up with the Joneses, many clients are sticking to transitional pieces that can be accented with modern decor for a more timeless look. Our Shawbridge beauties are just the right fit for the transitional shopper, attracting many designers due to its striking color schemes and sturdy structures. We love the way our clients style their Shawbridge pieces and are enamored with their epic choices.

Bringing the coast to the city.

Coastal decor tends to have a rather shabby chic appeal and is reserved for a beach home or the likes. With Shawbridge, we’ve brought the homey and seasonal vibes to an authentically classic collection that finds charm in many of our more sophisticated clients’ abodes. It’s no longer a strictly coastal demographic. Instead, it’s about implementing character and vibrancy to the bath or powder room.

Not just a matter of color.

Shawbridge comes in many shades and sizes. Not just the blue feature, it’s about matte brass add ons and striking details. The opportunities with Shawbridge start with the vanity and are expanded with the mix and match pieces, accent units and mirrors. We love to see where Shawbridge takes you so remember to share some of your cool rooms.

Seasonal inspirations.

There’s no better time to showcase Shawbridge, than the brilliantly bright spring season. With just a slight nip in the air and true blue skies, no amount of April showers can dampen the deep hues of summer on the horizon. Cobalt is a vibrant shade and it’s the season to be bright, cheery and airy in beachy keen inspirations that will last all year.

Colors and mood boards.

When setting the tone for a room, designers often create mood boards with snippets of texture, color, pattern and print. Did you know that color pairing looks great, even with brights? Shawbridge blue and sunflower yellow are just one of the ways to do a double whammy for color pop. Want to mute the blue somewhat? Try monochrome with whites and greys, or go jet black for a sharp feel with a masculine tone, while implementing some shrubbery to tone things down.

Make your vanity choices about the pieces that make you happy, inspired and innovative.

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