September 02nd 2019


Home design series. Part 2

Ravenna for a dorm room haven.

While much of what we create at Fine Fixtures is geared toward design firms, we wanted to appeal to the people who use our products everyday. Bypassing the official moodboards, we wanted to show you how to revamp the ordinary up by pairing minimal vanity pieces with inspirational online finds.

The college dorm feature will help you customize your bathroom, with clever finds and affordable ideas you can use to make yourself feel right at home.

The vibe: Scoring an A in DIY decor.

It’s back to school season and at Fine Fixtures, we go along with you for the semester. Here’s where we show you how you can easily and affordably customize a classic bathroom to become your haven.

The color scheme: Black, white and happy.

We love minimalistic details. By pairing basic essentials with Ravenna, we created a cleaner look, with way less clutter. Your dorm room bathroom is probably not spacious, but black and white instantly form a modern day oasis, regardless of square footage. We incorporated a whole lot of happiness in the form of vibrant pinks and some booze :). After all, it’s the place you want to relax in after a long day.

The DIY factor: Party mode.

Overdoing the DIY factor can lend a haphazard tone to the dorm room bathroom. Instead, we balanced inexpensive decorative elements with cool string lights to give an ordinary mirror some dimension and glow.

The finds: Artsy, eclectic and super mod.

We turned to online shopping when creating this effortlessly chic bathroom. Since Ravenna is a basic collection, the clean lines allow for any form of design tone, making it a client fave.

Rug Bath Towles Towel Stand Accessories 
Waste Basket Mirror Light Shower Curtain


A spin on the Ravenna series.

Ravenna can be bold, minimal, simple, functional or classic. It fits right in and makes a perfect base for just about any color scheme or style profile. We love to see your take on Ravenna so share your style, while we continue to share our bits of inspiration.

Choose it your way!

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