April 04th 2020


Some innovative bath activities during COVID-19.

With the shelter-in-place orders, more Americans are staying home. Staying home means more self care, so we wanted to bring you the deets on some of our favorite tubs.

Whether you’re craving a good soak in our Capsule tub or imagining nourishing bath salts in our spa themed Zen tub, you’re in good company. We decided to give you a break by offering low-cost solutions to indoor days when there’s no school and just fun.


It may be time to buy some delightfully colorful bath bombs, such as those from Lush. Choose from artful displays that will make bathtime fun, bubbly and joyful. Incite their creativity by asking questions about their choicers, color quizzes and other sensory tools.


Hide some bath foam shapes around the bathtub and have younger kids find the hidden shapes. These help improve visual skills and get their brains moving, even during indoor water sports.  Come great foam shapes can be found at BuyBuy Baby.


Invest in some bathtub crayons for some safe crafting that’s social distance approved and age appropriate. Have them spell words, trace the alphabet or come up with innovative ways to express themselves. Make talk bubbles, feeling faces and other ABC themed images. Check out Target’s supply of high quality washable bathtub crayons.


Work on some cool characters by stitching together two washcloths and embellishing them with googly eyes and facial expressions. Use your characters to create bathtub puppet shows for gales of hearty laughter that are safe and parent approved.

However you’re spending the next couple of weeks, be sure to fill them with love, laughter and moments that matter. At Fine Fixtures, we’ve been designing favorites that help you hang out in your very own bathroom oasis. During times like these, we’re especially hung up on keeping you safe, active and happy.

Here’s to a wonderful quarantine experience for you and your family.

Stay safe!




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