January 21st 2020

Cubes, sectionals and other space saving storage ideas.

We’re nearing January and along with New Year comes a whole new set of New Year’s resolutions. We’ve been stopping some of our users in a quest to find out what ranked first one their list of resolutions. The resounding answer? Getting organized in time for 2020.

We always listen.

It’s what makes Fine Fixtures be one of the most forward thinking product based businesses in the region. After all, with people using our products, we always turn to the very same people for inspiration. This month, we bring you some clever ways to stick to your resolution, while making our products look more handsome than ever.

The add ons that subtract.

These add on products help you decrease clutter and keep a minimal bathroom space for you and your belongings to feel comfortable. You can customize the colors and add some personal touches to make them your own.

Read along for some storage tidbits that are in sink (in sync) with your space.

The metal drawer organizer: We know bathrooms are often misty and wood sectionals may not be the best solution. Acrylic counterparts (gotta love that pun) collect gunk and residue fast. Which is why we love these sleek metal organizers in black and white. The chicest way to store your toiletries this winter.
The art of labeling: One of the most important aspects of keeping an organized home remains the proper tagging of items. When things are randomly stored, they end up being strewn about in the search for something as unassuming as a hairpin. We love the label art that makes storage fun and effective

A drawer for everyone: We know not every cabinet comes with a drawer, but we can help you create one. With the under sink storage stacker, you get to slide your own drawer space within any of your favorite Fine Fixtures’ vanity cabinets. Create your custom storage solutions by shopping for sleeker, smarter storage options.

Give your shampoo a hangover: With no room for bulky Costco containers in some of the most decorative vanity collections, simply choose an overhanging shelf unit to cleverly storage your bottles and bits.

Look for alternative storage: When the sink is wall hung, you create storage space on the toilet. With some options leaving no room to keep your belongings, choose a wall unit above your toilet that coincides with the bathroom finishes and decor. We love simple shelving units that add space, without adding volume.


There are other ways.

Beyond our fast favorites, get to choose storage options that suit your bathroom area. From corner shelving for tight spaces to apothecary jars for cotton balls and qtips, there’s an option to suit every need. No room to store bulky towels? Check out some awesome options of ‘over the door towel racks’, wine rack towel displays or add on shelving.

Make 2020 the year you stay fixed on your resolutions!


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