June 11th 2019

Find out how eco friendly defines our process.

Spring has finally reared its little green buds and we’ve been gathering some fresh inspiration from our brand new digs. With a new headquarters and a new perspective, we’re so psyched to be sharing some of the green trends we incorporate at Fine Fixtures. There’s no better time to think green than June, so come on over to the greener grass on our end.

  • An upgraded facility.

Forget the industrial warehouse of the past and fast forward to our updated warehouse that relies on energy efficient usage that reduces energy consumption. At our facility, we focus on renewable energy and efficient usage so that our process is good for our clients and for the environment.

  • Sustainable materials.

Our production plant follows the mantra of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’. Super focused on efficiency, we produce minimal amounts of waste at our production plants, keeping accurate tabs on things like inventory and availability. Turning to more sustainable grade materials, we’ve been able to do more for the planet, while providing durable, high quality products for consumer use.

  • Green jobs.

The people at Fine Fixtures are the way we use less equipment and more manpower. While state of the art machinery are needed at our warehouse, we value the hustle of our 50 employees that work hard to deliver a better product.

A recognized eco- friendly brand.

Don’t take our word for it, notice how Fine Fixtures has been awarded with the — award in [date]. When designing our new office space, renowned designer YossiG made sure to implement sustainable building practices into the entire design plan, furthering our belief of organic, efficient and forward thinking development.


Green is a trend we’re proud to be creating, not following. Always the industry innovator, our back end is about exceptional design, precise increments, sustainable policies, and a quality commitment.



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