June 16th 2020


A visual overview of our new black toilets, sink and vanities.



While the simplicity of white toilets, sinks and vanities provide more of an airy appeal to smaller living spaces, black has been making a comeback and it’s about more impact than it is about clean lines.

Black is back.

We’re loving the way our Windfield pedestal sink invites just enough charisma to a room without the clutter. Narrow and tall, it offers the precise balance of space saving and impactful. When paired with clean white ‘Subway inspired’ tiles and matt brass accents, black takes on a dimension of its own. Choose to design the room as retro, minimal or glam by selecting your favorite accent pieces to complete the look.

  • For a truly apothecary vibe, opt for wooden accent pieces, clean whites and succulent plants.
  • For a bright and trendy vibe, pair black with checkered black and white dustbins and cloth hampers, while adding a pop of neon or red for added visual appeal.
  • For a glam vibe, balance the heavy black with jewel tones or go heavy on the brass.
  • For a rustic vibe, introduce raw wood flooring, stained subway tiles and mason jars.

Hold onto your seat.

You’ll want to hold onto your seat for this one, for you’re about to experience a whole new normal in toilet design. A step beyond the ordinary, 2 of our iconic collections have launched in matt black. Meet Stanton and Dakota, the toilets of color that are bold, beautiful and iconic. Ever the practical solution to constant toilet cleaning, black turns a commodity item into a style profile.


The art of layering.

If your bathroom focal points are barely there white, using pops of color are advisable design choices. With black toilets, sinks and vanities, the key is to choose one product in black, balancing the others in less flashy shades of bone and white. Decorative accents such as towels, shower doors, hardware and toppers should ideally be white, metallic or plant based.

Mayan inspiration.

We always turn to travel when designing a new product. In fact, we’ve become infatuated with some of the Mexican aura and art. Featuring dark stone and ancient clay, the unique architecture created a stirring for change at Fine Fixtures’ design studios. It’s where the clay inspired black theme made way for a whole new toilet experience. Vanities such as Imperial exude craftsmanship via pairing a signature black veneer with a classic finish.

While your toilet is your comfort zone, we went out of our comfort zone to bring you a dramatic addition to some trending products.



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