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Blima's design vision

“When designing the Ramsey office space, we focused on the large open areas and natural light to create a bright, modern and clean design. The combination of custom details and surface materials creates a cutting-edge composition. Rather than emphasizing the corporate tone of the property, we created a lifestyle pod for people to work and work out, eat and meet.”

Blima Ehrentreu
The Designers Group
Design Group
500 North Franklin Turnpike,
Vessel sink
Positive elements

Remaining true to the client’s vision, Ramsey’s space performance has continually been about creating a positive work ethic via the design vibes that breed performance, happiness and productivity. Rather than turn to the funky movement, we’ve gone super streamlined, redefining chic that brings outdoor inspiration in via the most subtle of art infusions. Cafeteria lighting isn’t glaring, only charming. Seating is space conforming, yet with the balance of streamlined meets contemporary. We’ve followed the lead by remaining true to a specific design pattern, noticeable in the Fine Fixtures’ bathroom vessels and cafeteria seating. It’s about transitional shapes and attractive illusions.

Redefined minimalism

Sometimes it’s about eliminating the clutter. More than just going minimal, we’ve gone polished, practical and uber chic. Notice the polished chrome faucet and enamel vessel sink that are both part of Fine Fixtures’ MODERN next level product lineup. Matte black counter slabs have proven to be the hard core base for the coordinating hardware. We continued the barely there effect by having wall hung toilets installed, with round button flush plate actuators that are spot resistant, seamless and tech savvy.

Corporate community

At Ramsey, a sense of community followed our design interpretation, with the aesthetics pointing to a distinctly corporate setting. It’s important to stick to a thematic design concept when designing a property, even a 138,400 sq ft property. Rather than jut out, it’s about seamless movement from one area to the next. From cafe chalkboard effects to all chrome simplicity in the bathroom, a very holistic balance has helped us create a relaxed space for all who enter.

Changing shape

Color is an amazing platform to create ambience. We highlighted the absence of color to promote a more attractive environment that would be the optimal surrounding for corporate activity. Notice the Fine Fixtures’ award winning cylindrical vessel sinks that are perfectly aligned with the space and our vision. Who knew the perfect angle of curvature and size would do so much to make an office restroom fashionable?

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