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The products at Fine Fixtures effortlessly combine durability with iconic design
for the everyday essentials that surround lives and create lifestyles.

Niki’s design vision

“I always seek that core inspiration when designing a larger area. I find it makes all the design aspects truly synchronize, maintaining a relevant theme for the property. For me, the building’s dominant color was inspired by the deep blue and oak of Fine Fixtures’ Rubik and Manchester vanity collections.”

Niki Broyn
Nikibi Studio & Design
Design Group
244 Howard Street
The demographic

244 Howard Street is part of the Bed-Stuy area that’s been listed as one of the up and coming Brooklyn hubs. While it’s been known for its Brownstone homes, we opted to introduce modern amenities and truly clean lines, while maintaining the diversity that the area is so popular for. Some rustic charm and a whole lot of modern infusion has completely converted this address to a hip, high end structure.

The products

We alternated between Rubik and Manchester collections, being quite inspired by the beautiful hues of blue. We even color swapped, adding jewel toned walls in ‘starry night’ to make the wheat vanity and mirror show up in full color. It’s amazing how the modern edge of the blue is still the rustic charm we were aiming for. Some of what we’ve used for the bathroom structure were Manchester Vanity #MA20WT and the Rubik Vanity #RB24BO. We completed the look with a super minimal toilet by Fine Fixtures.

The clean lines

Notice how we completely focused on a geometric weave throughout the building. In the rope like pattern of the tile and in the brass inclusions of the floor design. The chosen Fine Fixtures vanity collections have such a simplistic structure, which allowed all the design parts to truly come together. With the smooth finish of the vessel top sink, the entire vanity added structural balance to the room, down to the squared off bathtub.

The color pop

It’s not everyday that a bathroom vanity inspires an entire kitchen design. Checkerboard tiles in the bathroom areas were a direct result of the blue/ oak open vanity from Fine Fixtures’ Rubik collection. Part nautical, part art deco, the color combo was so perfect, we wanted to see more of it. Notice the extension of color leading through the corridors and into the kitchen area. For the corridor walls and lobby ceiling, we used Benjamin Moore 2610 [deep royal] to maintain the color palette of the location. A great design theme is never boring. Instead we use it to create a great visual guide for a floor plan. The kitchen was kept minimal in clean whites, but we introduced bold blue patterns for a unique take on modern amenities.

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