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Brooke’s design vision:

“Ever since the introductory design plan at 187 Kent, we’ve been drawing on its surroundings for inspiration. The area is a vibrant neighborhood, one that seamlessly combines old industrial buildings with towering modern structures. Much of the drafts involved a nod to its neighboring Domino Factory, immediately evident in the brick and aluminum archways that double as architectural elevation, while refacing the property with an old world European charm.”

Brooke Lichtenstein
Input Creative Studio
Design Group
187 Kent Ave.
A region and
a Domino effect

It’s always about the demographics when we initiate a design project. Rather than starting with a clean slate, we love the tidbits of color and texture that are gathered from surrounding buildings, boutiques, lifestyles and greenery. A building should represent the people who live inside and inhabitants are sensed via the community in which they live and work. We’ve been gathering important bits of what matters to the people of Williamsburg, essentially creating the ripple effect from the exteriors in. It’s how superlative design follows authentic culture, and we’ve been having lots of inspiration from the Domino Factory and its neighboring industrial complexes.

Industrial vibes

Stepping inside the rooms at 187, there’s so much of the industrial effect. For the bathrooms, we’ve successfully redefined trend by using classic white 4x4 wall tiles and super traditional black and white mosaic flooring. It’s almost a deja vu perspective, utilizing the vintage set of products and highlighting them in thickly accented black grout lines. Black and white can be stark, but we’ve added the warmth with just enough natural color and traditional warmth.Our design story takes us beyond the Old Williamsburg charm and within the corridors of the building. In the kitchen, a fireclay sink and traditional faucets round out the look as an impeccable display of revamped classics.

Teak as a color pop

Dakota fit in perfectly to the look and feel of what we’ve been working to create. Being the color pop, while remaining a naturally woodsy hue, it gave us a shabby chic base we’ve mirrored for the ceiling color, influencing much of the decor and its accents. While the predominant design is minimal, the rush of warmth the accent furniture provided, served as a way of creating a traditional meets modern balance.

Quirky elements
at Kent

We’ve been doing much analyzation of past and present, while imparting a healthy dose of quirky inspiration. An amazingly complex project, we’ve relied on unexpected elements to transition the design for a more appealing and updated look. The Dakota vanity by Fine Fixtures is a genius duo of weathered vintage and super clean structural design. It’s a modernized upgrade to the farmhouse furniture and we’re loving the impact it has on our final project.

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