About Us

Bathroom sink

Our Story

Back in 2005, partners Joel Hartman and Joseph Ostreicher founded Fine Fixtures to fill an overlooked need in the interior design marketplace.

At the time, there were plenty of cheap, mass-produced vanity sets available flooding the market – discount lines that were affordable, readily available, and utterly bland.

Also available were enchanting but prohibitively priced designer collections. Luxurious, tempting, and priced at levels the average consumer couldn’t reasonably afford.

Consumers with finer tastes and a limited budget had to choose which design elements of their dream bathroom were essential….and which they’d just have to do without.

This led to a growing, pressing need in the interior design community for a value option geared towards more design savvy clients.

And so, from this need, Fine Fixtures was born, offering chic bathroom fixtures at affordable price points.


Over the past decade, we’ve secured a large corner of the fixtures market, appealing to the discerning consumer who appreciates beautiful design but also values a good buy.

Our Philosophy

We believe your bathroom should be your oasis, a place of relaxation.

And so, our design team puts their heart and vision into creating design elements that appeal to a wide range of high-end tastes. Whatever your aesthetics, from understated luxury, to richly opulent, to ultra-modern and sleek, you’ll find pieces that speak to your clients’ lifestyles.

Our Team

Our aim is to provide upscale collections of unmatched quality and competitive value. It’s why we contract with the top designers and engineers in the field. Our people have worked with brands like THG Paris, Graff, and Kohler. It’s also why we encourage our creative team to constantly innovate and push the boundaries of design trends. And why we challenge our engineers to construct intelligently composed fixtures. So homeowners will enjoy their beautifully designed bathrooms for years to come.


Lasting Quality

Bathroom fixtures are used multiple times a day, and so it’s important to invest in pieces that will last. Our products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities, using German machines and elements from Switzerland. Each and every one of our products is checked 4 times to guarantee superior quality, so you receive quality fixtures that last for years.

Competitive Prices

Investing in efficient solutions keeps our manufacturing process streamlined. This allows us to provide a line of modern pieces that are well made… and well priced.

High-End Styles

By fostering an artistic and visionary design culture, we encourage our team to stay one step ahead of design trends, bringing you the most elegant and up-to-date fixtures

Speedy Delivery

The items you want, when you want them – 98% of what you see in our catalog is in stock and ready to ship.

Immediate Availability

We operate two busy warehouses in order to serve you faster. With one large-scale warehouse strategically located in Brooklyn, NY, and another in Upstate NY, your order ships next business day.